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Traitement thérapeutique LED : 13th ILA Conference in Vienna on March 20th-23rd, 2016

13th ILA Conference in Vienna on March 20th-23rd, 2016

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13th ILA Conference  in Vienna on March 20th-23rd, 2016
13th ILA Conference  in Vienna on March 20th-23rd, 2016

International Light Association (ILA) Advancing Light for Health


The International Light Association is delighted to announce the 13th ILA CONFERENCE in Vienna, Austria

on March 20th-23rd, 2016.


The venue will be the Sigmund Freud University, first in the world dedicated to research and teaching within the Psychotherapy Sciences. Taking inspiration from this focus, the ILA conference will explore the applications of light to support both mental wellbeing and maintenance of physical and emotional balance.

Since its formation in 2003 in Belgium, the International Light Association has attracted members from 34 countries worldwide. These members include light therapy practitioners, health professionals, artists, architects, scientists, educators, product manufacturers, and lighting designers, as well as people from other walks of life with a curiosity about the world, including the light-health connection. Science is daily documenting the centrality of light to existence and through its website and social media networks the ILA strives to bring these important findings to a wider public. Deeper exploration of the issues forms the core of annual conferences, with Vienna 2016 being a prime forum.

This year's ILA conference, titled "HerzLICHT" (HeartLIGHT), will bring together current research and expertise from "Light Medicine of the Future" author Dr. Jacob Liberman, pioneering medical researcher Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, head of the world famous architectural Bartenbach Academy's Dr. Christian Bartenbach, Argentinean clinicians using light in trauma treatment Dr. Daniel Asis & Dr. Raquel de Solvey, medical expert Dr. Michael McNamara, optometric practitioner and inventor Dr. Larry Wallace, physicist Prof. Martin Rennhofer, as well as "how to" hands-on Lightin-Action sessions from French neuro-psychiatrist Dr. Christian Agrapart, Photonomedicine explorers Prof. Pierre Magnin and Dr. Pascal Vidal, the first Austrian Hygeia therapist Gabrielle Buresch-Teichmann, psychotherapists Nishant Matthews and Ma Premo, psychologist Dr. Mary Ross, light and colour therapist Christiane Werzowa, and Esogetic colorpuncture principals Marcus Wunderlich & Tatini Buunk.

Additionally, a light installation by famed Austrian light creator SHA, and a stunning sound and light experience from American composer Susan Alexander will be presented. Completing the program there will be a panel of experts discussing light issues in relation to health, while exhibitors have much to share in the realm of innovative devices and equipment.

Issues such as the impact of excessive blue light in every-day media devices and problems of light pollution are being brought to public attention. The role of light in our lives and our interaction with it is becoming increasingly imperative. What can be done to address these issues? In what ways does light impact and enhance health? Join us at ILA 2016 to find the answers.

The International Light Day (ILD) was inaugurated in 2013. By designating annually a special day, it was envisaged that more conscious thought would be given to light in all its manifestations and celebrated for its life enhancing qualities. In fact, such is the buzz around light currently that UNESCO designated an International Year of Light (IYL 2015). Pauline Allen, Chair of ILD will be sharing news of ILD.

The City of Vienna, with its vibrant lifestyle, long history and cultural attractions, will surely be a memorable setting for the 2016 ILA conference. On behalf of the ILA, its President Anadi Martel extends a warm welcome for all to attend and discover more about the impacts of light on health.


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