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- Jean-Pierre CHANGEUX :
« Du vrai, du Beau, du Bien »
Une nouvelle approche neuronale.
« L’Homme neuronal » Edition Pluriel
« L’Homme de vérité » Odile Jacob


- A preliminary report on the effect of BIBLIOGRAPHIE PHOTOPREVENTION
Dr Michèle PELLETIER Laser
Therapy on the healing of cutaneous surgical
Wounds as a consequence of an inversely proportional
Relationship between wavelength and intensity : histological in rats.
Photomedicine laser surgery
Volume 22, Number 6, 2004 – Mary Ann Liebert, Inc Pp. 513 – 518

- A preliminary study of the safety of red light
Phototherapy of tissues harboring cancer
Max Myakishev-Rempel, Ph. D., Istvan Stadler, Ph. D., Philip Brondon, M.D., David R. Axe, M.Sc., Mark Friedman, Ph. D, Frances Barg Nardia, M. SC., and Raymond Lanzafame, M.D., M.B.A.
Photomedicine and laser surgery -Volume 30, number 9, 2012 – Pp. 551 – 558

- Laser photobiomodulation as a potential mult
- i-hallmark – Therapy for age-related macular degeneration
Elyzabeth Rodriguez-Santana, MD, and Luis Santana-Blank, MD
Photomedicine and laser surgery – Volume X, Number X, 2013- Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Pp. 1-2

- Forecasting age-related macular degeneration through the Year 2050
The potential impact of new treatments
David B. Rein, PhD; John S. Wittenborn, BS, Xinzhi Zhang, MD, PhD; Amanda A Honeycutt, PhD; Sarah B. Lasesne, BS; Jinan Saaddine, MD, MPH; for the vision health Cost-effectivencess Study group
Section Editor : LESLIE HYMAN, Ph.D

- Absorption measurements of a cell monolayer relevant to phototherapy : reduction of cytochrome C oxydase under near IR radiation.
Tiina I. Karu, Lydmila V. Pyatibrat, Sergei F. Kolyakov, Natalya I. Afanasyeva
Article in press – JPB 8507 – 10 august 2005, Journal of photochemistry and photobiology B: Biology xxx (2005)

- Prevalence of Age-related macular degeneration in the United States
The eye diseases Prevalence research group
2004 American Medical Association

- The 5-Year incidence and risk factors for age-related maculopathy in a general Japanese population : the Hysayama study
Mibo Miyazaki, Yutaka Kiohara, Ayako Yoshiba, Mitsuo Lida, Yoshiaki Nose, and Tatsuro Ishibashi.
Investigate Ophtalmology and Visual science, June 2005, Vol 46, N° 6

- Vers la Prévention de la dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge.
E. Souied, Le Tien, G. Cosgas, Soubrane
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- Role du stress oxidant dans la dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’age.
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- Aspects pathogéniques de la dégénérescence maculaire liée à l’âge (DMLA)
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- DMLA et Génétique
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- Epidémiologie et facteurs de risqué de la DMLA
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- Thérapie photodynamique et DMLA en 2000
T. Desmettre (1,2,3), S.Y. Cohen (2,4), S. Mordon (3)
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- Expressions of rod and cone photoreceptor-like proteins in human epidermis
Moe Tsutsumi, Kazuyuki Ikeyama, Sumiko Denda, Jotaro Nakanishi, Shigeyoshi Fuziwara, Hirofumi Aoki and Mitsuhiro Denda.
J. 1600-0625.2009.00851

- Radioadaptation in Indian muntjac fibroblast cells induced by iow intensity laser irradiation.
Unbound Medline

- Infrared laser therapy for ischemic stroke : a new treatment strategy
Stroke. 2007, 38 : 1843 – 2007 American Heart Association, Inc.

- Taking a light approach th treating acute ischemic stroke patients : transcranial near-infrared laser therapy translational science.
Paul A. Lapchak, Ph. D, Faha
Ann Med. 2010 december ; 42 (8) : 576-586.

- Infrared laser therapy for ischemic stroke : a new treatment strategy : results of the neurothera effectiveness and safety trial-1 (Nest-1)
Yair Lampl, Justin A. Zivin, Marc Fisher, Robert Lew, Lennart Welin, Bjorn Dahlof, Peter Borenstein, Bjorn Andersson, Julio Perez, Cesar Caparo, Sanja LLic and Uri Oron.
Stroke : 2007;38;1843-1849;Oiginally published online Apr 26,2007

- Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in Dermatology
Daniel Barolet, Photodynamic therapy light source. Semin Cutan Med surg 27:227-238 – 2008 Elsevier Inc.

- European journal of dermatology – LA KERATOSE ACTINIQUE – Volume 22 – Novembre 2012

- Place de la thérapie photodynamique en gynecologie : applications au traitement des micrométastases péritonéales ovariennes et des lesions malpighiennes intra-épithéliales cervicales.
Manuel ASCENCIO – Universite de Lille II – Ecole doctorale biologie Santé de Lille – Thèse d’Université

- Low-level laser therapy applied transcranially to rats after induction of stroke significantly reduces long-term neurological deficits.
Amir Oron, MD; Uri Oron, Ph.D; Chen, MD; Anda Eilam, MD; Chunling Zhang, MD; Menachem Sadeh, MD; Yair Lampl, MD; Jackson Streeter, MD; Luis dDe Taboada, MSEE Michael Chopp, PhD – Stroke : 2006;37:2620

- Scupted Light Captures Brain Activity

- Implantation of low-level laser irradiated mesenchymal stem cells into the infacted rat heart is associated with reduction in infact size and enhanced angiogenesis.

Hana Tuby, M.Sc., Lidya Maltz, and Uri Oron, Ph.D.
Photomedicine and laser surgery – Volue 27, Number 2, 2008

- Near infrared light protects cardiomyocytes from hypoxia and reoxygenation injury by a nitric oxide dependent mechanism.
Rong Zhang, Yasushi Mio, Philip F. Pratt, Nicoile Lohr, David C. Warltier, Harry T. Whelan, Dailing Zhu, Elizabeth R., Jacobs, Meetha Medhora and Martin Bienengraeber.
J. Moll Cell Cardiol. Author manuscript; available in PMC 2010 January 1

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- LED Photoprevention : reduced MED response following multiple Led exposures.
Daniel Barolet, and Annie Boucher
Lasers in surgery and medicine 40:106-112 (2008)

- Concurrence of emerging developments in photobiomodulation and cancer.
Luis Santana-Blank, Elizabeth Rodriguez-Santana and Karin E. Santana Rodriguez.
Photomedicine and laser surgery – Volume X, Number X, 2012

- A preliminary study of the safety of red light phototherapy oof tissues harboring cancer
Max Myakishev-Rempel, Istvan Stadler, Philip Brondon, David R., Mark Friedman, Frances Barg Nadia, and Raymond Lanzafame.
Photomedicine and laser surgery – Volume 30, Number 9, 2012

- Nociceptive scores and endorphin-containing cells reduced by low-level laser therapy (LLLT) in inflamed pasws of wistar rat.
E. LIISA Laaskso, Ph. D, and Peter J. Cabot.
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- Advances in emerging nondrug therapies for acute stroke 2007
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- The use of light-emitting diode therapy in the treatment of photoaged skin
Fabien Baez, MBBS, FACCS, PCPSA, FRACGP, MAACS, Laurence R. Rzilly, MBChB
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- Psychological benefits 2 and 4 weeks after a single treatment with near infrared light to the forehead : a pilot study of 10 patients with major depression and anxiety.
Frederic Shiffer, Andrea L. Johnston, Caitlin Ravichandran, Ann Polcari, Martin H Teicher, Robert H. Webb and Michael R. Hamblin.
Behavioral and brain functions 2009,5:46

- Gen and noncoding RNA regulation underlying photoreceptor protection : microarray study of dietary antioxidant saffron and photobiomodulation in rat retina
Molecular vision 2010 : 16:1801-1822

- Inhibitory effects of laser irradiation on peripheral mammalian nerves and relevance to analgesic effects : a systematic review
Roberta Chow, FRACGP, MApplISci, (Med acu), Ph. D., Patricia Armati,

- Inhibitor effects of laser irradiation on peripheral mammalian nerves and relevance to analgesic effects : a systematic review
Roberta Chow, FRACGP, MapplSci, (Med Acu), Patricia Armati, B.Sc., Ph. D., E. Liisa Laasko, B Phty (Hons), PhD. Jan Bjordal, Physiotherapie, DPhil, and G. David Baxter, TD BSc (Hons), DPhil, M.B.A

- Low-level light therapy of the eye and brain
Julio C. Rojas, F. Gonzalez-Lima